Dikobraz workshop: team and history
Hi, my name is Elena! I'm an artist and designer. For many years I worked as a graphic designer, freelance painter, sculptor, and ceramics artist. My love of nature has been a major influence in all my work, and my artwork is often inspired by plant and animal life. My favorite theme is life in the forest, especially birds and trees. To me, jewelry is as much a piece of art as a painting or a sculpture, and I approach making jewelry the same way I would approach painting a beautiful landscape. Each piece I make is a little painting, a little sketch, a little story. Though nature inspires my designs, my family inspires my confidence. My husband and business partner Sergey and our amazing dog are always supportive and loving, and I would not be the person or the artist that I am without them.
About our brand
Dikobraz means porcupine - an adorable and mysterious creature of the forest. The forest, with its many furry and winged inhabitants and luscious trees and flowers, is a constant inspiration for me because the beauty of nature is breathtaking and mysterious, especially in contrast with the city life most of us are used to.
A piece of jewelry is just like a painting. We use the approach of making each piece with the same thoughtfulness and focus on composition and detail as a piece of wall art or sculpture. To us, a piece of jewelry is even better than a painting because you can wear and enjoy your favorite pieces of art and merge your style with what you find beautiful and interesting. The whole process is about being connected to art; we design, sketch, and make every piece personally by hand in our small studio. Just like in the wild, every piece and every design is unique due to its handmade nature. Even multiples of the same design have small differences that make them truly special and unlike anything else that exists in our shop! Since we use natural gemstones, the pattern of each stone is unique—nature's masterpiece.
We love the idea of incorporating art into the everyday and challenging the idea that art is only something we see in galleries and hung up on walls in our homes. Style and self-expression are art, and we all deserve to experience art and beauty every day!