Earrings Migratory birds. Silver, chalcedony.

Silver earrings "Migratory Birds" with blue chalcedony. It's about birds returning in the spring...
Laconic earrings with birds floating in the air. On the reverse side, each bird has a beating heart. Everything is just like in nature, and each bird is unique.
The earrings have a comfortable weight and are long enough to attract attention with their uniqueness. The flying birds are one of my favorite earring designs—lively, dynamic birds.
People frequently ask why the birds in our earrings only ever fly in one direction. They travel south in the fall and north in the spring. Earrings are relevant for any season. Completely handmade.
Earrings come with transparent silicone plugs. All jewelry is packed in a cozy original box.
It's a pleasure to give and a joy to receive!


Gemstone: blue chalcedony

Dimensions (cm): 2,0x2,5

Collection: Birds

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