Earrings Pre-winter. Silver, moss agate.

The author's asymmetrical silver earrings, "Pre-Winter," with moss agate, are significant, noticeable, and unusual. Late fall, low sky, short days, fallen trees, and birds flying away... And in some places, it is already snowing!
Earrings, in which everything is thought out and told... and even on the back the continuation of the story, birds soaring in the clouds and a frozen tree on the edge of the forest under the moon listening to the wind's song.
Length with link: 5 cm; weight of one earring: 7.25 g.
Earrings come with transparent silicone plugs. All jewelry is packed in a cozy original box.
It's a pleasure to give and a joy to receive!


Gemstone: citrine

Dimensions (cm): 1,5x1,9

Collection: Flowers

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